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Breaking Down the Phoenix Suns '90s Throwback Jerseys

The NBA delivered some joyous news via their Instagram account on Wednesday afternoon: The Phoenix Suns are rocking their '90s throwbacks, baby!The L.A. Lakers might as well just concede the game, because they obviously don't stand a chance. Although if they forfeit, we won't get to see the Suns' throwbacks.Fortunately for the entire country, the game is on ESPN at 10:30 p.m. ET, so you have full license to call in sick for work on Thursday.Unfortunately, Charles Barkley won't be giving commentary on the game since he works for TNT.Now let's see, who's another former Sun who everyone wants to see return to Phoenix? Oh, right, Steve Nash!Nash returns to Phoenix for the first time since skipping off to La La Land to join Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. Nash played for the Suns from 1996 to 1998 and (after a pit stop with the Dallas Mavericks) again from 2004 to 2012.As bad as Nash's Lakers have been (20-25) this season, the Suns have been worse. They are 15-30 and tied with the New Orleans Hornets (Pelicans) for last place in the West. Phoenix fired head coach Alvin Gentry and currently operate under interim head coach Lindsey Hunter.The Lakers have also won three straight games while the Suns have dropped their last two.But at least they have these jerseys!Here's the preview that the NBA tweeted out:Personally, I would prefer the purple jerseys (see above), but I'll settle for the black ones. Phoenix draped themselves in these glorious alternates from 1994 through 2000.Fans are clearly excited, as more than 10,000 people have clicked on the heart next to the NBA's photo on Instagram. So that's what love feels like, huh?While this news was relayed by Jeramie McPeek of Suns.com on Monday, I live by a strict policy of not believing anything until I see it on Twitter or Instagram (and I don't follow McPeek).His article links to an excellent slideshow featuring pictures of Kevin Jonson, Dan Majerle and Barkley sporting what is now a "Hardwood Classic."It's also fairly amusing that they used Goran Dragic's uniform as the photo sample.He was born in Solvenia in 1986, so I highly doubt he remembers the kitschy cartoon sunburst streaking across the Suns' chests.And he certainly does not recall it with the fondness of people who grew up watching '90s basketball, like myself.Here's how the Suns phrased it on the team Twitter account:I wonder if Goran Dragic has even seen Back to the Future. At any rate, he'll have a chance to display his skills in front of the home crowd in these sweet throwbacks, and he'll do it against the future Hall of Famer he replaced.The last time the Suns faced the Lakers, Nash was unable to play due to injury. Dragic squared off against Darius Morris, and Phoenix fell 114-102.Here is the Suns' chance for revenge. Dragic and company are certainly in for a treat as they try to "eclipse" L.A.Children of the '90s, set your DVRs. Follow @TheRealHojnackiRead more NBA news on BleacherReport.com

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Timeline of Earl Clark's Journey from Nobody to Los Angeles Lakers' X-Facto

His name is Earl.Earl Clark, that is.The fourth-year forward's rise from benchwarmer/afterthought to starter for the Los Angeles Lakers has been but one of the ...

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Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns: Preview, Analysis and Predictions

The Los Angeles Lakers have won three in a row and finally appear to have gotten the formula right under head coach Mike D'Antoni. They'll face another ...

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Lakers Rumors: Rudy Gay Trade Would Be Step in Wrong Direction for LA

An inefficient scorer who needs the ball in his hands is the last thing the Lakers (20-25) need to add to their floundering mix of talent. This means the Los ...

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Round-by-Round NBA Playoff Projections at Season's Halfway Point

These playoff projections seed each team according to its record at the halfway point of the season.Meaning, the Boston Celtics—despite ...

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