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Timberwolves 2016-17 Schedule Released

After an underwhelming first two games in the 2016 Olympics, Wolves point guard Ricky Rubio bounced back in a 96-87 win over Nigeria on T

Minnesota Timberwolves | 349 days ago | 260 Ballers sent

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The real truth behind Michael's 'Crying Jordan' meme is finally revealed

Ex-NBA player and 1984 Team USA member Sam Perkins says Bobby Knight caused M.J.'s tears

CBS Sports .com | 350 days ago | 221 Ballers sent

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Report: Thunder look to pursue Blake Griffin in free agency in 2017

Could OKC replace Kevin Durant with the Clippers star?

CBS Sports .com | 356 days ago | 201 Ballers sent

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From Kobe to Tim Duncan, a look back at the NBA stars who recently retired

A list of players who hung it up and who could go next

CBS Sports .com | 353 days ago | 191 Ballers sent

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Michael Jordan says Russell Westbrook reminds him of younger self

The Thunder superstar was overwhelmed by the comparison, calling it 'crazy'

CBS Sports .com | 355 days ago | 182 Ballers sent

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Thon Maker Makes NBA 2K17 Trailer Appearance

Bucks rookie Thon Maker makes an appearance in the latest trailer for NBA 2K17, “Momentous.” The Bucks rookie is shown ...

Milwaukee Bucks | 316 days ago | 178 Ballers sent

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Russell Westbrook on if Durant's departure stung: 'For who?'

Westbrook already brushing off departure of star teammate.

CBS Sports .com | 356 days ago | 176 Ballers sent

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NBA 2016-17 schedule release: The 10 must-see Warriors games

You're probably going to want to watch Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry a lot

CBS Sports .com | 349 days ago | 170 Ballers sent

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Rio Olympics 2016: Paul George doesn't know where to leave his cup of ...

Paul George had no idea what to do with his cup after drinking from it

CBS Sports .com | 352 days ago | 168 Ballers sent

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Bucks Sign Jason Terry

The Milwaukee Bucks have signed free agent guard Jason Terry, General Manager John Hammond ...

Milwaukee Bucks | 338 days ago | 164 Ballers sent

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Rio Olympics: Team USA men's basketball vs. Australia, start time, TV, ...

Can Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, and Matthew Dellavedova put a scare into Team USA?

CBS Sports .com | 351 days ago | 164 Ballers sent

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Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight will be Dynamic Duo in 2016-2017

The Phoenix Suns have adopted the worst nickname in sports, “injury prone.” But when healthy, they could be one of the most surprising teams in the NBA. ...

Valley of the Suns | 338 days ago | 163 Ballers sent

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LeBron James Calls Suns' Devin Booker a Future All-Star

Appearing on the "Open Run" podcast, James mentioned the Suns star rookie, without prompt, as a young player with one of the brightest futures.

Phoenix Suns | 343 days ago | 160 Ballers sent

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2016 Rio Olympics golf: Leaderboard, Round 3 updates, Saturday highlights

Hang with us at CBS Sports all day Saturday as we update you with the latest scores, results and highlights from golf's return to the Olympics

CBS Sports .com | 348 days ago | 156 Ballers sent

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LOOK: A 10-year-old Kris Humphries was a faster swimmer than Michael Phelps

As a youngster, the Hawks forward clocked better times than the Olympic legend

CBS Sports .com | 346 days ago | 155 Ballers sent

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Paul George criticizes Team USA after close call against Serbia

The forward says the U.S. is easy to guard, needs to 'man up' on defense

CBS Sports .com | 348 days ago | 154 Ballers sent

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College football's hottest free agent quarterback is visiting Auburn

Former Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham took an official visit to see the Tigers this week

CBS Sports .com | 357 days ago | 152 Ballers sent

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Stephen Curry helping Kevin Durant figure out where to live

Warriors star guard adds two cents on Warriors star forward's new home.

MercuryNews Golden State Warriors | 365 days ago | 151 Ballers sent

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Trail Blazers Announce 2016 NBA Preseason Schedule

The Portland Trail Blazers have announced their seven-game NBA preseason schedule today, tipping-off Monday, Oct. 3 vs.

Portland Trail Blazers | 360 days ago | 147 Ballers sent

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Here's what your National League team needs to do to make the playoffs

Let's take a quick tour of the NL playoff races and the rest of the 2016 regular season

CBS Sports .com | 347 days ago | 145 Ballers sent

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Bucks Re-Sign Miles Plumlee

The Milwaukee Bucks have re-signed restricted free agent center Miles Plumlee, General Manager John Hammond announced today.

Milwaukee Bucks | 358 days ago | 144 Ballers sent

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Phoenix Suns Release 2016 Preseason Schedule

The Phoenix Suns announced on Tuesday they will host the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, Oct. 3 to tip-off a six-game ...

Phoenix Suns | 359 days ago | 143 Ballers sent

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Big Show confirms Wrestlemania match vs. Shaquille O'Neal

Battle of the big men as NBA star will wrestle next year in the big event.

CBS Sports .com | 356 days ago | 142 Ballers sent

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Devin Booker vs. Klay Thompson: Shooting Guard Comparsion

It won't take long for basketball fans to get their first look at the Phoenix Suns‘ Devin Booker and the Golden State Warriors' Klay ...

Valley of the Suns | 296 days ago | 141 Ballers sent

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NBA 2K17 Ratings For Simmons, Embiid & Saric

Players from teams across the league were tweeting @Ronnie2K over the last couple of days asking for their ratings in the newest edition

Philadelphia Sixers | 334 days ago | 141 Ballers sent

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Jeremy Lin stars in Taiwanese pop star's video

Wow. This video is great.

USA Today .com | 333 days ago | 140 Ballers sent

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Mike Trout honors Boston's David Ortiz with a golden change of wardrobe

If there were an MLB award at the end of the season for best Big Papi impersonation, Mike Trout should take it. Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz is on his retirement ...

Los Angeles Times Clippers | 363 days ago | 139 Ballers sent

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Young to Start Sunday's Preseason Tilt

Luol Deng is progressing back from a bruised left knee, but Nick Young will start in his spot on Sunday.

Los Angeles Lakers | 290 days ago | 138 Ballers sent

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John Wall admits to friction with Bradley Beal

Not ideal for the Wizards.

USA Today .com | 337 days ago | 137 Ballers sent

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Notre Dame's Alize Jones academically ineligible, giving Irish one fewer ...

Tight end Alize Jones won't play this season, though he'll remain with the team

CBS Sports .com | 357 days ago | 137 Ballers sent

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06. Ekpe Udoh (GSW)
07. Greg Monroe (DP)
08. Al-Farouq Aminu (LAC)
09. Gordon Hayward (UJ)
10. Paul George (IP)
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