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LeBron James Calls Suns' Devin Booker a Future All-Star

Appearing on the "Open Run" podcast, James mentioned the Suns star rookie, without prompt, as a young player with one of the brightest futures.

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Phoenix Suns Release 2016 Preseason Schedule

The Phoenix Suns announced on Tuesday they will host the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, Oct. 3 to tip-off a six-game ...

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Suns, Earl Watson Investing Heavily in Tyler Ulis' NBA Future

You wonít see Tyler Ulis holding a clipboard this season, but the Suns plan on training their rookie point guard similar to how NFL teams groom ...

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Suns Announce Complete 2016-17 Coaching Staff

The Phoenix Suns announced Head Coach Earl Watsonís coaching staff on Wednesday.

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Top 5 Moments of Amar'e Stoudemire's Suns Career

Amar'e Stoudemire called it a career on Tuesday, but not before leaving behind countless memories that will live on in Phoenix Suns lore.

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Suns Issue Statement on Amaríe Stoudemire's Retirement

The Phoenix Suns issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding the retirement of former Suns forward ...

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Complete NBA 2K17 Ratings for Phoenix Suns Players

With Friday's early release of NBA 2K17, we now know how the game's makers rated all 15 Suns players.

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Suns Add Mehmet Okur, Jason Hervey to Basketball Staff

The Phoenix Suns announced on Tuesday the team has added Mehmet Okur as player development coach and Jason Hervey as ...

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Steve Nash Reflects on Career with Chelsea FC's Begovic

Fans know full well one of the best players in Suns history is also pretty decent at another sport.

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Eric Bledsoe Ranked among Top 50 NBA Players for 2016-17

On Monday, we passed along Booker and Knight's standing in Sports Illustrated's top 100 NBA players list. On Tuesday, it was all about Bledsoe.

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Devin Booker Reflects on Inspiring Meeting with Kobe Bryant

The moment occurred six months ago, but the lessons are still fresh in Devin Bookerís mind.

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Suns Fans Saw Amar'e Stoudemire Become a Star in Phoenix

The anticipation. That is what Iíll remember more than anything.

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Devin Booker Becomes Youngest Player on SI's Top 100

The second-year Suns guard came in at No. 100, but he was the youngest player and only teenager who made the cut.

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Leandro Barbosa's Rio Olympics End in Group Stage

Despite a gutsy performance over the last week and a half of preliminary play, Leandro Barbosa and his Brazil teammates have been eliminated from contention.

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Jared Dudley Gives Away Jerseys, Tickets to Suns Fans

If anyone needed another example of Jared Dudley's commitment to Suns fans, take a look at what the Phoenix forward organized on Friday m

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Suns, NAU Accepting Applications for 'Breakaway to NAU'

The Phoenix Suns and Northern Arizona University are encouraging high school juniors to enter for the chance to win the

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Suns Charities 88 to Host Slam Dunk Street Party

Suns Charities 88, presented by BillingTree, will hold its fourth annual progressive dinner and street party, Slam Dunk, on Saturday, Nov, 5 in downtown Phoenix ...

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Suns Celebrate Purple Roots with 2016-17 Court Design

The Suns revealed the teamís 2016-17 court design, updated from last seasonís look to bring back the popular purple border that framed the Sunsí playing surface from inception ...

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Jared Dudley to Host Shooting Clinic for Phoenix Youth

A few days before he reports to training camp to begin his second stint with the Suns, Jared Dudley plans to teach Phoenix kids the fundamentals ...

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Suns Bring Back 15 Seconds of Fame Technology in 2016-17

The Phoenix Suns announced today an extension of the teamís partnership with 15 Seconds of Fame (15SOF), an agreement th

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Suns Single-Game Tickets on Sale Friday

Single-game tickets for 2016-17 Phoenix Suns home games will go on sale to the general public on Friday, August 19 at noon.

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Suns Training Camp to Return to Flagstaff for 20th Time

The Phoenix Suns will return to Flagstaff, Ariz., for the fourth consecutive season, and 20th overall, when they report

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Suns Picked as Potential Surprise Breakout Team in 2016-17

From the 1976 "Sunderella Suns" to the 2010 squad that advanced all the way to the Conference Finals, Phoenix has a long history of outperforming expectations.

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Michael B. Jordan Suits up for Suns in NBA 2K17 Trailer

To illustrate the newest features added to MyCareer mode, 2K Games used the Phoenix Suns as its model team.

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Suns Rookies Show Personality at NBA Photo Shoot

The days are fast approaching when the everyday lives of NBA rookies will be all about basketball. No school, no part-time jobs.

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Suns Coach Earl Watson Visits Mexico for Nike Camp

Six months before his Suns squad travels south of the border, Watson is visiting Mexico City this week to coach some of the best young international talent in the Western ...

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Dudley Excelling in Second Unit, Leadership Role for Suns

Although he is one of the top three-point shooters in the league, Jared Dudley has provided the Suns a lot more than just points since the team adjusted ...

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Devin Booker Signs Fan Autograph in Classiest Ejection Ever

The Suns guard killed 'em with kindness on Wednesday night after being ejected for the first time in his young career.

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Suns Veterans Surprise Rookies with Kids Backpacks

If you want see the Suns on the road this year, the teamís crop of rookies just got a bit easier to spot after Wednesdayís training camp practice at NAU.

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Eric Bledsoe Finds Voice, Embraces Role as Suns' Leader

Eric Bledsoe is back in action to begin his fourth season with the Suns, but this time around, heís got a revamped mindset thanks to an offseason of personal ...

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