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Devin Booker vs. Klay Thompson: Shooting Guard Comparsion

It won't take long for basketball fans to get their first look at the Phoenix Suns‘ Devin Booker and the Golden State Warriors' Klay ...

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The Phoenix Suns’ Best Position of Strength is at Point Guard

Throughout Phoenix Suns' history, the position the franchise has continually fostered the most talent from is point guard. From Gail Goodrich, to Kyle Macy; ...

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Derrick Jones Jr Will Win The Dunk Contest

Phoenix Suns rookie Derrick Jones Jr has played in 6 career NBA games for a total of 20 minutes. He's also going to be the 2017 NBA Slam ...

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Kyle Macy: The Phoenix Suns' Original Three-Point Ace

Kyle Macy was drafted by the Phoenix Suns 22nd overall in the 1979 NBA draft. He would bring durability, shooting, and incredible efficiency ...

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NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Phoenix Suns

It's been 12 years since a Phoenix Sun has entered the Slam Dunk Contest. With Derrick Jones Jr. participating this evening*, why not take a quick look back at ...

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Devin Booker to Start for Phoenix Suns

Much speculation has circulated surrounding the Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker and the regular season starting lineup. The question most asked by fans was Devin ...

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5 Reasons Devin Booker Should Start

For a Phoenix Suns team looking toward the future, Devin Booker is the guy to build around and should be the team’s starting Shooting guard|shooting ...

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Trade Rumor: LaMarcus Aldridge Available: Should Phoenix Suns Call?

LaMarcus Aldridge may be on the market and the Phoenix Suns have already been rumored as a possible suitor. Where have we heard that ...

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The Unique History Of Goran Dragic and His Career With The Phoenix Suns

Nearly 6,000 miles from his home country Slovenia, Goran Dragic came to Phoenix as the 45th overall pick in 2008 with plenty to prove, one of few Slovenian born ...

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Phoenix Suns Face Defensive Utah Jazz in Preseason Test

Tonight, in their second game of the preseason, the Phoenix Suns face off against the Utah Jazz. The Suns ...

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Review of the Phoenix Suns' Presentation in NBA 2K17

Billed as the “best basketball game ever,” NBA2K17 is the latest iteration in the long-running NBA simulation game for XBox, Playstation, and PC. 2K17 is very fun, and ...

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Trade Rumor: Phoenix and Sacramento Discussing Cousins Trade

The Suns haven't had a blockbuster trade in what… 12 months? Isn't it time for another one? With the trade deadline now less than tree weeks away, the ...

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The Case for Alan Williams at Suns PF

The Phoenix Suns last made the playoffs in 2010. That off season Amar'e Stoudemire bolted for New York after the Phoenix ...

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The Phoenix Suns You Should Own In Fantasy Basketball: Part 2

Here is where it gets more competitive. In our previous article we discussed some Phoenix Suns to keep an eye on, but maybe not own in your fantasy basketball ...

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One Steph Curry Three Passes Steve Nash

When Steve Nash retired he was the 17th most prolific three-point shooter in NBA history. Nearly two and a half years after his Los Angeles retirement ...

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Kevin Johnson Started One of the Greatest NBA Brawls Ever

Kevin Johnson, the Phoenix Suns legend and Sacramento Mayor, was recently assaulted by a pie wielding protester while giving a speech ...

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The Rise and Fall of Jason Kidd: Phoenix Suns' Legend, Troubled Man

In a franchise with a long history of great point guards, Jason Kidd was one of the best to ever don the Phoenix Suns' purple and orange. And although ...

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New Brandon Knight Trade Scenerios

On Saturday, November 26, Matt Moore of CBS Sports postulated on a series of trades that the Phoenix Suns could involve themselves in centering ...

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Suns Had a Chance at DeMarcus Cousins

Either Ryan McDonough has made a huge mistake or Vivek Ranadivé and Vlade Divac are intentionally running the Kings into the ground. The Trade: Buddy Hield, Tyreke ...

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Three Trade Possibilities for Devin Booker That are Acceptable

Devin Booker is one of the few bright spots on the Phoenix Suns, who are currently in “rebuilding-mode” and sit at the bottom of the Western Conference. If the ...

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Cousins Auditions for Suns, Booker Crowned King for a Night

With a triple-double recorded already midway through the third quarter it seemed certain what DeMarcus Cousins was doing: Auditioning for a role with the ...

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Devin Booker is Not an All Star

Devin Booker is the most likable player the Suns have had since Steve Nash.  He is soft spoken, thoughtful, and straight up stylish.  That suave quality makes ...

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Phoenix Suns Unexpectedly Release Archie Goodwin

Part of the massive Kentucky Wildcat contingency on the Phoenix Suns roster, Archie Goodwin, has been released from the Suns and will become ...

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Off-Season Trade Possibility: Eric Bledsoe and Kyle Lowry?

The very nature of this trade possibility is based on one particular event happening first: The Suns draft either Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball. If the ...

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Three Possible Home Run Deadline Trades

Phoenix has a history of making a splash at the trade deadline. Since Ryan McDonough was hired as General Manager Phoenix has not been shy to pull ...

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Devin Booker's Scoring Overshadows Preseason Loss

The Phoenix Suns lost to the Portland Trailblazers 115-110, but the score has no long-term impact for the Phoenix ...

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Updated Grade: Phoenix Suns Scored A- on Brandon Knight Trade

With the Milwaukee Bucks trading Michael Carter-Williams to the Chicago Bulls for Tony Snell, it is ...

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Valley of the Suns Podcast – Lottery Odds and Trade Deadline Talk!

Kory Miller, Adam Maynes and Andrew Clark talk about the Lakers catching up to the Suns in the NBA lottery, will Alex Len be traded? and which ...

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Tyler Ulis: Point Guard of the Future

Fast forward to the NBA Draft in June and imagine that the Suns do not land Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz. Is that such a bad thing? For a little ...

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Phoenix We Have a Problem – In Houston, No Eric Bledsoe

Phoenix Suns (17-37) v Houston Rockets (39-17) Saturday 2/11/2017 7pm Toyota Center, Houston, ...

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