Player No. Pos Height Weight Age Exp Team
Goran Dragic 2 G/PG 1-905 86.2 24 2 Phoenix Suns


Points : 1092

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Video: Shaq's Bowling Intro Tops LeBron's Camera Work

Shaq called out LeBron James for his "weak" photographer introduction and challenged him to a duel of intros. The Diesel stepped up to the plate Saturday evening prior to the Suns vs. Washington ...

Bleacher Report .com | 3069 days ago | 1092 Ballers sent

Points : 993

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The Forgotten Sun: Jared Dudley

For Suns fans, although the prospects of an ultra-successful season are looking grim, there are a lot of things to be excited about for next season. A healthy Amare, a more experienced Goran Dragic and Robin Lopez|Robin ...

Valley of the Suns | 2898 days ago | 993 Ballers sent

Points : 989

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ESPN's John Hollinger Would Love To See Kevin Martin on the Phoenix Suns

Originally posted on Apparently using ESPN's NBA Trade Machine for random speculation isn't reserved solely for fans. The four letter network's John Hollinger seems to be a fan of it as well. ...

Bleacher Report .com | 2776 days ago | 989 Ballers sent


Points : 14

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Goran Dragic, Heat top Hornets to pull into tie for 8th place in the East

Goran Dragic scored 33 points and the Heat made 21 3-pointers to beat the Charlotte Hornets.

USA Today .com | 135 days ago | 14 Ballers sent

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic (4/3/17)

After struggling a bit with his shot for five games or so, Goran Dragic bounced back in a big way this past week.

Miami Heat | 138 days ago | 0 Baller sent

Points : 3

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NBA: Kyrie Irving, LeBron James sit and the Cavaliers are routed

Goran Dragic scored 23 points, Hassan Whiteside had 20 points and 13 rebounds, and the Miami Heat blew out the undermanned ...

Los Angeles Times Clippers | 167 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

Points : 5

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NBA roundup: Heat make it 13 wins in a row with defeat of Nets

James Johnson scored a season-high 26 points as the visiting Miami Heat won their 13th straight game, beating the beleaguered Brooklyn New ...

Los Angeles Times Clippers | 189 days ago | 5 Ballers sent

Points : 22

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic & Dion Waiters (2/6/17)

For the first time, HEAT.comís player spotlight features two players: Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters.

Miami Heat | 194 days ago | 22 Ballers sent

Points : 3

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NBA: Miami Heat top Detroit Pistons for seventh straight win

Goran Dragic scored 23 points Saturday night and the Miami Heat defeated the visiting Detriot Pistons, 116-103, to push ...

Los Angeles Times Clippers | 202 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

Points : 32

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NBA: Miami Heat roll over bickering Chicago Bulls, 100-88

Goran Dragic had 26 points and 11 assists to lead the Miami Heat to their sixth straight win Friday night, a 100-88 victory over the bickering ...

Los Angeles Times Clippers | 203 days ago | 32 Ballers sent

Points : 3

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Heat get 6th straight win, down embattled Bulls

Heat guard Goran Dragic was easily the best player on the court as Miami won 100-88.

USA Today .com | 203 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

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HEAT 100 - Bulls 88 Game Recap

The Miami HEAT defeated the Chicago Bulls 100-88 Friday night at United Center. Goran Dragic ...

Miami Heat | 203 days ago | 1 Baller sent

Points : 57

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic (1/23/17)

HEAT.comís player spotlight for this past week features Goran Dragic.

Miami Heat | 208 days ago | 57 Ballers sent

Points : 36

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Jordan Clarkson Fined

Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson has been fined $15,000 for throwing a forearm above the shoulders to Miami Heat guard ...

Los Angeles Lakers | 222 days ago | 36 Ballers sent

Points : 1

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Friday Facts: Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic sat down with after a recent practice to discuss his off-court interests and other things people may not know a

Miami Heat | 225 days ago | 1 Baller sent

Points : 94

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Ty Lawson Puts Goran Dragic on Skates

With 35 seconds left in the first half against the Miami Heat, Ty Lawson had a highlight worthy of being watched again and again.

Sacramento Kings | 226 days ago | 94 Ballers sent

Points : 2

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic (12/26/16)

HEAT.comís player spotlight for this past week features Goran Dragic.

Miami Heat | 236 days ago | 2 Ballers sent

Points : 42

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic (12/12/16)

HEAT.comís player spotlight for this past week features Goran Dragic.

Miami Heat | 250 days ago | 42 Ballers sent

Points : 51

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Goran Dragic and Where to Find Him

With injuries damaging the roster as only injuries can, the Miami HEAT beat the Utah Jazz Thursday after playing and winning in Denver ...

Miami Heat | 260 days ago | 51 Ballers sent

Points : 90

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Player Spotlight: Goran Dragic (11/7/16)'s player spotlight for the first week and a half of the season features Goran Dragic.

Miami Heat | 285 days ago | 90 Ballers sent

Points : 93

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Dunk of the Night - Hassan Whiteside

Off the Raptors turnover, Goran Dragic gets it downcourt to Hassan Whiteside who is all alone for the reverse slam.

NBA TV Dunk of the Night | 287 days ago | 93 Ballers sent

Points : 98

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Dunk of the Night - Willie Reed

Goran Dragic passes to Willie Reed for the monster slam

NBA TV Dunk of the Night | 304 days ago | 98 Ballers sent

Points : 5

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Play of the Day - Justise Winslow

Off the Hassan Whiteside block, Justise Winslow takes the lead pass from Goran Dragic and throws down the left-handed rim rocker.

NBA TV Play of the Day | 318 days ago | 5 Ballers sent

Points : 80

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The Unique History Of Goran Dragic and His Career With The Phoenix Suns

Nearly 6,000 miles from his home country Slovenia, Goran Dragic came to Phoenix as the 45th overall pick in 2008 with plenty to prove, one of few Slovenian born ...

Valley of the Suns | 321 days ago | 80 Ballers sent

Points : 132

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The Phoenix Sunsí Best Position of Strength is at Point Guard

Throughout Phoenix Suns' history, the position the franchise has continually fostered the most talent from is point guard. From Gail Goodrich, to Kyle Macy; ...

Valley of the Suns | 333 days ago | 132 Ballers sent

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