Player No. Pos Height Weight Age Exp Team
Tyson Chandler 6 C 2-159 106.6 28 9 Dallas Mavericks


Points : 1496

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Steve Nash Trade Rumors: Could Dallas Mavericks Be After The Premiere ...

Steve Nash trade rumors are just beginning, but an interesting story coming off the wires revolves around a bold idea: The Mavericks could bring back Nash to Dallas ...

Bleacher Report .com | 2447 days ago | 1493 Ballers sent

Points : 1403

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The New York Knicks Need LeBron James

In the summer of 2010, many different star NBA players will be eligible to become free agents. The pool is to include Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, Paul Pierce, ...

Bleacher Report .com | 3074 days ago | 1403 Ballers sent

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Tyson Chandler to Dallas: Bobcats and Raptors Can't Get It Done.

Due to second guessing on the part of Michael Jordan it seems that the deal that would have sent Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans to the Bobcats has fallen through. Jordan it seems was reluctant ...

Bleacher Report .com | 2630 days ago | 1312 Ballers sent


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What if the Suns ran without a center for a while

Tyson Chandler has only two years left before his career is probably over. Alex Len is an underwhelming restricted free agent who seems like he could be out ...

Valley of the Suns | 104 days ago | 2 Ballers sent

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2016-17 Player Reviews: Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler finished his second season as a Phoenix Sun, and he was just what the young core needed. Chandler was brought in two years ago to be a veteran ...

Valley of the Suns | 138 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

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Brandon Knight, Tyson Chandler face uncertain Suns futures

They were shut down Feb. 24, just after the All-Star break. Guard Brandon Knight and center Tyson Chandler haven't played since, watching the next 24 ... Suns | 167 days ago | 1 Baller sent

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The Suns' Difficult Decision: Keep Len or Williams

Both Alex Len and Alan Williams are restricted free agents this offseason and with roughly 13% of the salary cap already dedicated to Tyson Chandler, can the ...

Valley of the Suns | 185 days ago | 46 Ballers sent

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Given choice by owner, GM, Suns' Chandler decided to stay

As his name surfaced in trade rumors, Tyson Chandler said simply he'd deal with it whenever management brought something to his doorstep. Suns | 193 days ago | 44 Ballers sent

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Tyson Chandler v Alex Len: Centers of the Future

Brought into the Valley of the Suns under two entirely different circumstances, Alex Len was the Phoenix Suns' 5th overall selection in the 2013 NBA ...

Valley of the Suns | 200 days ago | 5 Ballers sent

Points : 72

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Suns' Tyson Chandler 'still kicking their ass' in practice

MEMPHIS â€“ Practice is over. Suns coach Earl Watson is talking to guard Devin Booker near the scorer's table. Forward T.J. ... Suns | 208 days ago | 72 Ballers sent

Points : 65

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Phoenix Suns' P.J. Tucker, Tyson Chandler find spots in NBA trade deadline

The NBA trade deadline is 1 p.m. What will the Suns do? Suns | 214 days ago | 65 Ballers sent

Points : 3

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Rockets Take Off While Suns Set in Houston

Before the game even tipped-off, Suns fans knew that even while short-handed, if James Harden was playing in the fourth quarter the game was in reach. With the ...

Valley of the Suns | 224 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

Points : 74

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Phoenix Suns leave Eric Bledsoe, Tyson Chandler home

The Suns left center Tyson Chandler and point guard Eric Bledsoe home to rest, leaving them short-handed ... Suns | 224 days ago | 74 Ballers sent

Points : 58

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Suns Slip in Denver, Are Scrambled by Jokic

Suns' Western Conference Woes Continue in Mile-High City There are multiple stories to this game that can be mentioned when discussing what happened in last night's loss to the Denver ...

Valley of the Suns | 240 days ago | 58 Ballers sent

Points : 77

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Phoenix Suns' Tyson Chandler takes the fight to Father Time

DENVER – Earl Watson has to stop himself sometimes. The Suns coach yells at Suns rookie Marquese ... Suns | 241 days ago | 77 Ballers sent

Points : 82

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Phoenix Suns trade Tyson Chandler? Not if Earl Watson has a say

NEW YORK – Earlier on this trip, as Earl Watson talked with reporters after a pregame shooting session, the Suns coach spotted ... Suns | 245 days ago | 82 Ballers sent

Points : 4

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Suns Squared: Tyson Chandler Crashing the Glass

Tyson Chandler has always rebounded well, with a career 9.4 rebounds per game, but he is cleaning the glass especially well of late and this season in general. Chandler is currently ...

Valley of the Suns | 245 days ago | 4 Ballers sent

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Timber! Wolves Crush Suns with Stellar Play in Final Minutes

Thoughts from the Valley of the Suns Adam Maynes  – Site Editor With 3:54 remaining in the game, Zach LaVine missed a jump shot that Tyson Chandler ...

Valley of the Suns | 278 days ago | 5 Ballers sent

Points : 4

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Tyson Chandler is Seeing 20/20

Thoughts from the Valley of the Suns Adam Maynes – Site Editor Suns win 113-111 in overtime! Seriously! Which team is the real Suns? The team ...

Valley of the Suns | 284 days ago | 4 Ballers sent

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Tyson Chandler: 1,000 Career Games

Warriors star's older brother, Mychel Thompson, reportedly checked out by Sacramento.

Phoenix Suns | 289 days ago | 3 Ballers sent

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Suns' Chandler defies age to shine with Len

Suns center Tyson Chandler is handling a personal loss to defy his age and thrive in a center tandem with Alex Len. Suns | 295 days ago | 88 Ballers sent

Points : 71

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New Brandon Knight Trade Scenerios

On Saturday, November 26, Matt Moore of CBS Sports postulated on a series of trades that the Phoenix Suns could involve themselves in centering ...

Valley of the Suns | 299 days ago | 71 Ballers sent

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Suns Squared: One Month Down – Tyson Chandler, Suns MVP

With 15 games done, let’s look at the Suns advanced team numbers to see what is going right and what is going wrong. At 4-11, the Suns have had a ...

Valley of the Suns | 305 days ago | 39 Ballers sent

Points : 99

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Suns to lean more on Len, youthful energy

Without Tyson Chandler at Indiana and beyond, the Phoenix Suns will start leaning more on Alex Len and youthful energy. Suns | 310 days ago | 99 Ballers sent

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Suns Tyson Chandler mourns mom in ideal place

Tyson Chandler could have left the Suns this summer but a "family" choice to stay led to seeing his mom before she died.

USA Today .com | 312 days ago | 1 Baller sent

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Chandler mourns his mother in ideal place

Tyson Chandler could have left the Suns this summer but a "family" choice to stay led to seeing his mom before she died. Suns | 312 days ago | 85 Ballers sent

Points : 4

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What Do We Know About the Suns So Far

With only about 1/8 of the season complete, the Suns have shown fans a lot that we weren't sure about with the team heading into the regular season. Tyson Chandler|Tyson ...

Valley of the Suns | 313 days ago | 4 Ballers sent

Points : 4

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No Tyson Tonight, Suns Mark Victory over Pistons

Sometimes basketball takes second stage to life. And sometimes basketball helps you forget life, if even for a while. For the second straight game, Tyson Chandler|Tyson ...

Valley of the Suns | 318 days ago | 4 Ballers sent

Points : 87

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Suns rally falls short against Trail Blazers

PORTLAND – The Suns were finishing an odd New Orleans-to-Los-Angleles-to-Portland road trip Tuesday night with a new Starting lineup|starting ... Suns | 319 days ago | 87 Ballers sent

Points : 89

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Suns' weak 2nd quarters hurt by bench play

The Suns' weak bench play has hurt them in second quarters; Tyson Chandler was not at Tuesday's Suns shootaround. Suns | 320 days ago | 89 Ballers sent

Points : 102

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Suns, Chandler handle rebound challenge

Suns notes: Phoenix had a potential rebounding issue but Tyson Chandler, T.J. Warren and Eric Bledsoe helped avoid that. Suns | 323 days ago | 102 Ballers sent

Points : 56

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Suns-Pelicans pits 2012 Olympics mentor, pupil

Game-day Orange Slices: Tyson Chandler is charged with 2012 Olympic teammate Anthony Davis; Pelicans are short-handed. Suns | 324 days ago | 56 Ballers sent

Points : 83

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Suns' Tyson Chandler opens year 16 with scope, Cousins

Game-day Orange Slices for the Suns' season opener against the Sacramento Kings. Suns | 332 days ago | 83 Ballers sent

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